Implemented projects

Together for combating corruption

Duration: 01.01.2018 - 31.04.2021

Supported by: The European Union

Objectives of the project:

The Project “Together for combating corruption” aims to contribute to support and improve the capacities of the civil sector to fulfill their role as “watchdogs” or controller of the work of state bodies in order to legally and transparently perform the function and to prevent the risks of corruption and abuse of office.

SO 1: To enhance the impact of journalists, local CSOs and media on fight against corruption with special attention on representatives of ethnic minorities and women.

SO 2: To improve data collection showing corruptive activities through monitoring and analyzing of the performance of the State Attorney’s Office  - this objective is oriented towards continuous  monitoring of the State Attorney’s Office  performance in protecting state assets and interests, especially within administrative disputes and litigation procedures.

SO 3: To raise awareness on corruption issues through easily accessible media outlets.

Main results:

R1: Enhanced capacities of journalists and civic activists, especially representatives of ethnic minorities, to monitor, trace and report corruption;

R2: Assessed enabling environment of Macedonian national televisions for production and broadcasting investigative stories;

R3: Improved data collection showing corruptive activities taken by public function holders;

R4: Increased production of investigative stories by local media workers in the area of (anti)corruption;

R5: Empowered and recognized CSOs as eligible actors in the processes of combating corruption;

R6: Raised awareness on corruption issues.

Target group(s): Investigative journalists. CSOs, State Attorney’s Office, Public Prosecution Office, Public function holders, Judiciary, Municipalities, Government, State Commission for Prevention of Corruption, Cadastral Agency, Public Procurement Bureau, Mainstream Media, Central Registry of RM.