Implemented projects

Sexual orientation & gender identity (SOGI) - Protection against Discrimination

Donor: German Embassy in Skopje

Duration: 01.03.2020 - 31.12.2020

Budget: 41.000 EUR

Overall aim:

Combating discrimination, hate speech and hate crime as well as increasing the awareness of LGBTI rights among the general public and in particular high school and university students.

Target groups:

- Seniors in high schools

- University students

- Human rights defenders

- Persons who have faced discrimination on grounds of SOGI or hate crime.

Specific Objectives:

SO 1. To increase implementation of the law against discrimination in respect to SOGI and to strengthen protection against discrimination and hate speech/crime through establishing concrete case law

SO 2. To emphasize the importance of respecting human rights and promoting tolerance and acceptance through awareness raising in schools and universities, as well as online.

Project Results:

Result 1. Increased knowledge about prevention and protection against discrimination on the ground of SOGI and the negative aspects of hate speech and hate crime;

Result 2. Increased tolerance and acceptance among people both online and offline;

Result 3. Drafted reports on the work of the Commission for prevention and protection against discrimination;

Result 4. Established minimum case-law as a ground for further proceedings in this area;

Result 5. Determined shortcomings and positive aspects of the implementation of the Law on prevention and protection against discrimination.

Project Activities:

  1. Organization of 9 workshops for seniors in high schools and students in universities
  2. Organization of Summer camp with university and high school students
  3. Preparation of 2 videos for the aim of social network campaign
  4. Training in Strategic LGBTI Rights Litigation
  5. Conducting a survey on the public opinion in respect to SOGI, including hate speech and hate crime towards these categories
  6. Initiating proceeding in front of the relevant court against discrimination, hate crime or hate speech on grounds of SOGI
  7. Study visit
  8. Monitoring of the Commission for prevention and protection against discrimination
  9. Drafting a report for the implementation of the Law for prevention and protection against discrimination
  10. Organizing a public event for presenting the project achievements

Final Beneficiaries

Commission for Prevention and Protection against Discrimination, The Ombudsperson, Constitutional Court, CSOs, Municipalities, Judges, Public prosecutors, professional associates including the general public. The ultimate beneficiaries are LGBTI people and, by increasing tolerance, all citizens of the country.