Implemented projects


Financed by EU through the Central Financing and Contracting Department, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of North Macedonia

Project duration: 22.12.2018 - 21.6.2021

Project budget: 189,633.84 EUR

Partners:    Institute for Human Rights

                     Centre for Legal Research and Analysis                                                       

Associates: Association of Judges

                     Association of Judicial Administration 

Donor:  Central Financing and Contracting Department, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of North Macedonia


Overall objective: Increase the impact of CSO’s in judiciary reforms through joint involvement of CSO’s and professional associations in assessing performance of the justice sector, as well as, effective cooperation with all judicial stakeholders.

Specific objective 1: Enhancing joint contribution and active participation toward better performance of the justice sector;

Specific objective 2:  To strengthen the cooperation and capacities of judicial professionals for more effective, accountable and transparent justice sector;

Specific objective 3: To raise awareness about the judiciary performances for increasing the confidence in the judiciary.


Main activities

Activity 1. Conference for promotion of the project and determining the current situation and future perspectives and challenges

Activity 2. Development of monitoring methodology together with the professional associations for assessing the judiciary performances;

Activity 3. Establishment of Advisory working group from members of CSO’s working in the field of judiciary and professional associations for continuous monitoring of the performances, proposing on time policy recommendations and guidelines;

Activity 4. 5 workshops on accountability, effectiveness and transparency with mixed groups of judges and judicial staff holding ‘head’ positions, court spokespersons and junior associates/legal trainees in attorneys’ offices;

Activity 5. Development and delivery in all courts the ‘Joint Protocol for unified implementation and performance in justice sector’;

Activity 6. Preparation of 3 interactive videos concerning progress in performance of judiciary in different aspects; 

Activity 7. Preparation of Policy Paper with policy action-oriented recommendation for transparent, accountable and effective justice sector;

Activity 8.  Final public debate with participation of all stakeholders in the justice sector.


Estimated results             

R.1.Increased joint involvement of CSO’s working in the field of judiciary and professional associations of judges and judicial staff in judiciary reforms;

R.2. Better performance of the judiciary through joint and participatory approach;

R.3. Enhanced effectiveness, accountability and transparency of the judiciary;

R.4. Raised awareness, consequently, higher confidence in the judiciary.

Target group(s) : Association of Judges, Association of Judicial Administration, judicial staff holding ‘head’ positions in all areas of 4 Macedonian Appellate Courts, all judges and judicial staff, CSO’s working in the field of judiciary, Judicial Council, Judicial Budgetary Council, Ministry of justice, junior associates and legal trainees in attorneys’ offices

Final beneficiaries: All citizens in the country