Implemented projects

Action for more transparent, accountable and effective Judicial Council

The Project aims to increase public demand for greater accountability of the Judicial Council in RM using evidence and public outreach and simultaneously increasing the proactive role of the Judicial Council performance in terms of effectiveness and transparency. 

Period: 1 June 2018 – 31 March 2020 

Donor: British Embassy 

Outputs from the project:

Output 1:  Obstacles to Judicial Councils transparency, accountability and effective performance identified through detailed analyses of internal capacities and structure, and recommendations for improvements designed and presented with a detailed Action plan.

Output 2:  Policies/practices of Judicial Council reflect recommendations for improvements.

Output 3. Developed communication products for communication with and to inform public of Judicial council performance


  • Policy Paper on internal capacities and structure, identifying obstacles to transparency, accountability and effective performance of the Judicial Council;
  • Development of an Action plan with proposals for reducing challenges to transparency, accountability, and effective performance of the Judicial Council developed, presented and debated;
  • Permanent monitoring of Judicial Council open sessions and preparation and publishing of 6 Quarterly Monitoring Briefs;
  • Organizing Experts' debates (4) and Press- conferences for media - presentation of findings from the monitoring briefs (4);
  • Workshops with the members and staff of the JC for inclusive development of the Practical Guide for public relations (development of Guide for communication);
  • Updating the mobile application “Sudski sovet pod lupa”;
  • Development of 4 short videos and preparation and delivery of infographics.


  • Members of the Judicial council;
  • Judges and lawyers (legal practitioners);
  • Citizens.