Ongoing projects

Together for Better Quality Local Media

Donor: European Union

Duration: from 03.01.2023 until 03.01.2025

This project is being implemented by the Centre for Community Media Development MEDIUM in partnership with the Institute for Human Rights. 

Overall objective:

To strengthen the capacities and promote the professional standards of local media journalists.

Specific objectives: 

  1. To enhance the capacities of local journalists, especially from the ethnic minorities to practice investigative journalism, digital and media literacy, as well human rights standards in their work;
  2. To strengthen the capacities of journalism students for professional development and creative expression in the media;
  3. To enhance the impact and cooperation between local CSOs and local media for the promotion of journalistic rights, encouraging the fight and response to all forms of violence against journalists, promoting professional standards and freedom of speech.

Planned activities: 

  1. Focus groups and needs assessment to address specific development needs and vulnerabilities of local media;
  2. Preparation of quantitative and qualitative methodological approach for obtaining data and conducting research on the current situation with local media and their challenges;
  3. Development of the functional analysis, publishing and dissemination of the Report;
  4. Development of Guide for Human Rights Based Approach to media work;
  5. Training for media workers according to the weak points of action where expertise, knowledge sharing and good practices are needed – professional standards, human rights standards when reporting, intellectual property rights, labor rights etc;
  6. Student’s internships in local media outlets;
  7. Mentoring support by the media outlets for journalism students;
  8. Subgrating components – supporting actions carried out by local CSOs in promotion of the importance of journalists’ profession;
  9. Support the implementation of at least 4 local media initiatives/campaigns.

Target groups:

  • Local media from project municipalities;
  • Owners;
  • Editors;
  • Journalists and media workers;
  • Civil society organizations;
  • Journalism students.
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