Ongoing projects

School curriculum and teaching controversial issues – developing effective practices for teaching and learning approaches

Donor:  European Union & Council of Europe / Democratic and Inclusive School Culture in Operation (DISCO)

Duration: March - November 2021

Budget: 23.550,00€

Overall aim

To develop teacher confidence and professional competences to successfully teach controversial issues at whole-school level and promote democratic competences.


1. Preparatory activities;

2. Conducting coordinating meetings with the school teams form selected schools focused on exchanging experience and peer to peer learning in order to achieve the project objectives, discussing common problems in the implementation of the proposed activities and identification of possible strategies for addressing these problems that need additional actions and improvement;

3. Conducting of workshops for school teams from the selected schools in order to build their capacity in using the student-centered learning and inquiry-based approaches to teaching and learning about controversial issues and developing student competences for democratic culture;

4. Conducting school-based trainings led by members of school teams supported by the project facilitators in each selected school with goal to disseminate successful practices to all teachers on school level;

5. Follow- up activities/mentoring will be delivered on a school level on a continuous basis during the implementation of programme in order to support and mentoring the members of school teams for the successful implementation of the teaching and learning approaches on controversial issues and development the students’ competences on democratic culture; 

6. Creation of the self-evaluation tool as part of the strategy for quality assurance to achieve outputs and outcomes will be used to enable teachers to systematically reflect their status and progress in developing their own and their students’ knowledge, understanding and planning activities;

7. Developing the Handbook for teachers with good practices on teaching controversial issues to increase the visibility and public awareness;

8. Online course for dealing controversial issues redesign/updated (based on the CoE online course) and published on IHR Online Academy;

9. Organizing promotional event to disseminate the successful practices on teaching controversial issues and to promote the new approaches.


Training and follow – up activities in pilot schools delivered.

Handbook for teachers with good practices developed.

Target groups

Teachers and schools

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