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Call for Project proposals - public oversight over the State Anti-Corruption Commission and the Commission for Protection against Discrimination

Supported by the British Embassy Skopje under the Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF Programme) the Institute for Human Rights (IHR) is publishing a call for proposals for Macedonian organizations in order to expand the programme of monitoring the oversight bodies in the country.

We are looking for:

- One partner organization with experience in the field of anti-corruption and/or experience in working with the State Anti-Corruption Commission 

- One partner organization with experience in the field of anti-discrimination and/or experience in working with the Commission for Protection against Discrimination.

The main objective of this call for proposals:

To support enhanced public scrutiny over the work of the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption and the Commission for Protection against Discrimination for the performance of the mandate, and in the public interest. 

More specifically, IHR is looking to support projects:

To use evidence to increase public demand for greater effectiveness, accountability and transparency in the performance of the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption and of the Commission for Protection against Discrimination.

The projects are expected to monitor the transparency, accountability and performance of these bodies against the mandates prescribed by regulation, and practice.  Analysis of internal capacities and structure of the commissions, will aim to identify obstacles and challenges to its performance, and provide evidence for recommendations for improvements.


The projects would contribute to increased transparency and accountability of selected state institutions through improved CSO’s engagement in monitoring and publicising of the work of independent, regulatory, supervisory and advisory bodies in the country.  The Projects will complement BE Skopje Programme portfolio, and other donor-funded initiatives, where applicable.


 1: Preparation

  • Assessment of legislative provisions;
  • Mapping of stakeholders and their internal relations;
  • Assessment of mandates, scope, roles and response;
  • Design and publication of monitoring indicators and matrix.

2: Quarterly monitoring reports on the performances

  • Analyses, policy recommendations and risks assessments on the performance of the selected body;
  • Identify challenges to effectiveness, accountability and transparency, and support design of policies for improvement.

4: Communications plan aimed to increase public awareness on the work;

  • Deliver innovative and user-friendly communications products that will illustrate the performance of this body in a way which attracts public attention and leads to a public inquiry on oversight body to improve its performance;
  • Organise at least 4 public events (roundtable discussions, conferences) to present results of monitoring work of the selected Commission.


The timeframe of the projects: 13 May 2019 – 31 March 2020

Size of grants: up to maximum amount 50.000 GBP


All project activities need to be designed according to the components included in the methodology of this call for proposals.

One organization can apply only for monitoring of ONE Commission.


All projects will be evaluated based on the following qualitative criteria:

Organizational experience on the topic: 20 points

Organization financial capacity:  20 points

Effectiveness of the action (the action should clearly demonstrate the ability to produce the desired results and outputs).: 20 points

Innovation tools for the promotion of the project activities proposed: 10

Value for the money of the project activities: 10 points

Sustainability of the project’s results: 10 points

Risk assessment (Organizations need to clearly demonstrate how they would mitigate potential risks to project delivery): 10 points

All interested applicants have to request the Project proposal form by email: info@ihr.org.mk until 2 May 2019.

Deadline for submission of final project applications is 8 May 2019.